Mounting thermocouples

In a recent post we investigated methods of securing thermocouples to PCBs. When reflowing boards it is vital to have an accurate temperature reading from the surface of a PCB and to ensure you are not reading air temperatures instead. The documentation we discussed previously recomended that high temperature solder should be used to affix thermocouples to PCBs for temperature reading, if that is not feasible then aluminium or kapton tape is a possible alternative. So to provide users with an easy method of securing thermocouples that also gives them a variety of affixing options we have developed a small 5cmX5cm PCB which provides a wide variety of mounting options.

The board is relatively simple with a variety of conveniently placed holes. The clusters of holes in the corners are to facilitate affixing the board to the wire rungs found in many toaster ovens. The center pads and holes provide a mounting point for the thermocouple itself. As high temperature solder is difficult to find and even more difficult to solder we have included an array of holes so copper wire can be used to tie the thermocouple into place, a small bend of the beaded tip of the thermocouple will ensure it stays firmly in place. Of course you can still use high temperature solder or kapton tape if you desire.

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