CNC Router

Work on the robot has stalled a little in recent months. Getting sidetracked with using an STM32F4 Discovery with FreeRTOS as a base for many of the peripheral functions has become a very deep rabbit hole with little to show for it.

So as a bit of a break and to add another piece of equipment to the arsenal work has begun on a light duty CNC machine. Something capable of milling timber and hopefully aluminium components.

Solidworks render of Sphinix rigid XL

As a refresher on rendering in solidworks and a way to ensure I understood the system design I took the plans from Kyo of the openbuilds community DXF and Sketchup drawings and redrew them in solidworks.

The design was also scaled to support a larger build volume of ~900x900mm as well as the option for a modified X-axis gantry that should be more rigid for aluminium work and capable of supporting a heavy 2.2kW spindle.

The plates are now being laser cut, holes smaller than the plate thickness will be drilled out on the mill, as well as some counter boring for bearings. The control system will be LinuxCNC and an arduino with GRBL for stepper motor control initially. Then when the machine starts paying for itself I’ll look to upgrade to PoKeys57CNC¬†and probably Mach4. Hopefully I can even look to close the control loop with encoders although that will probably wait for a full revision.

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