1, 2, 3, 4…..

*** This is a historic post. Some photographic content was lost in a migration ***


540 M3x6mm pan head screws240 battery terminals
60 sachets of thermal paste

As we put together the kits we are becoming aware of just how many components we now have in stock. Each Reflow Controller kit, has over 90 parts that are required. All of them need to be counted out, placed into their respective bags, placed into enclosures then screwed back shut.

This shows just how fast we are working here to get our kits ready! It could also be a slow shutter speed on the camera but we like to think it is because we are working really hard!

We will have 60 kits available at launch with the capacity for another 100 within two weeks. Our main limiting factor is the more expensive components we source from Digi-Key, the LCD display, micro controller as well as the SSR.

Plastic cups slowly filling up with parts before we put them into bags.

We have been working like crazy because we wanted to make sure we have our products launched before the world ends in a few days.

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