Fusion 360 Workshop Perth

This weekend I ran my first fusion 360 workshop. It is an event I have been planning to host for a little while and last month I pulled the trigger and posted the event. It is exciting to see a positive feedback and all six places were booked out in the first two weeks! Very encouraging for what was a “Guinea Pig” edition of a course.

The curriculum was focused written for beginners. Those new to 3D mechanical design and those coming from other 3D packages (i.e solidworks). It covered amongst other items:

  • Constrained vs co-ordinate driven drawings
  • Core fusion features and differences
  • How to use extrudes to build 3D components
  • When to use a revolve
  • Patterning in sketches and with features
  • Building assemblies
  • Creating components that reference other parts
  • Exporting files for 3D printing

I ran the class at the Perth Artifactory in Osborne Park, a local hacker space. Great people and a fitting atmosphere. The feedback so far has been realy positive and it looks like everyone had a great time and learnt something new. So I plan on running the course again in the future and there was requests for additional courses with more advanced topics.

Finally a quick shot of the setup.


Beginners 3D Modeling with Fusion 360

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