Reflow Controller Update

It’s getting hot in here! Although thankfully we are keeping our clothes on!MFRC prototype

This past week has seen us developing the “My First Reflow Controller” kit (MFRC). Whilst we have been progressing on this steadliy over the last month this week has seen it’s development shift into the focus as we finalise the Functional Specifications Document (FSD) outlining the final features and inclusions in the reflow controller product. We are still making decisions regarding a public release of our FSD and including it as part of the MFRCs documentation and design process to assist others.

We have also been developing the firmware for the MFRC in Arduino ready for release and pre-burning onto the ATMega328s. We are incorporating a few nice features such as a full menu and settings system with multiple configurable reflow profiles saved to the eeprom, oven testing routines to check the performance of any oven/skillet and a serial output than can be utilised for a PC based SCADA system developed after product release.

Parts required in the MFRC kit are now starting to arrive in bulk, 12,000 resistors are surprisingly heavy! The enclosures are also somewhere between Western Australia and China as we speak, once they arrive we will develop the drilling and milling jigs over at Van Dam Industries. Hopefully in the future, if demand is high enough, we will be looking at getting the enclosures pre-drilled at the manufacturer. However at present it is more cost-effective to have this as a local hands-on process. The final step is going to be the finalisation of the PCB and product testing before we launch the kits for sale. Check back for updates!

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