Attaching thermocouples to PCBs

One of the challenges when reflow soldering is having the thermocouple report an accurate board temperature. For this, the thermocouple must be in physical contact with the board. Up until now we have made do bending a thermocouple through the holes of our PCB reference board.

This technique doesnt fall into the catagory of a reliable, repeatable solution so instead we have been looking for alternative options. Thankfully kicthermal have done some research into this and provided some solutions for attaching thermocouples to PCBs

So it looks as though aluminium tape secured with kapton tape is the quick and easy method or for solid, reliable connections, high temperature solder to connect the thermocouple bead to a PCB. In the near future we may look at releasing some thermocouples already high temp soldered onto small pcbs, ready for placement into reflow ovens and skillets.

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    […] a recent post we investigated methods of securing thermocouples to PCBs. When reflowing boards it is vital to have […]

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