Kits released next week!

We are getting very excited as we near the launch of our first in-house product! It has been a very long road with a steep learning curve to develop this product. Thus far the two most challenging aspects of this product have been to design it as a through hole kit which has limited many of our options for sensors, board size and cost. Our second challenge has been developing a complete kit with all fixtures and an IP4X rated enclosure.
With launch we are also releasing several videos outlining the kits features, assembly process and operation. As well as a document outlining the theory, operation and assembly of the product which also explains design decisions, schematic diagrams and suggests a few alternate applications. Finally we also want to release a detailed post outlining the process we have taken, the wrong turns and headaches with developing an electronics kit from scratch.

With everything going to plan release will proceed late next week as today saw the completion of the firmware. It still requires some final optimisation, testing and commenting however all functionality is now included and operating acceptably. Our final component has (hopefully) been shipped from a supplier in china and will arrive early next week, anti-static foam required for packaging is the last part we still require for the first batch of 55 kits. So components are now being counted and divided into bags, the enclosures have been machined and videos are being edited as we race to get our product out the door and into people’s hands!

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  1. December 17, 2012 at 9:10 am

    well done mate! Good to see some home grown kits coming from Perth!

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