Breaking radio silence…

Things have been moving very quickly here at MOAM industries and we have made some large steps in the past few weeks. Most notably we have almost a thousand PCBs on their way to us from China after our latest fabrication run. The majority of these are for our soon to be released reflow controller kit.

The final stages of our kit are now coming together, once we have verified our new PCBs we will start assembling the kits and machining the enclosures ready for sale. It has been a long and expensive process to reach this point, purchasing stock, spending weeks on design and documentation, testing prototypes, purchasing tools etc. However we knew this would be the case, especially considering we decided not to pursue the kickstarter funding route and instead drove our efforts towards having a well-tested and reliable product at launch instead of just an idea. In the next few days we will be documenting our design and construction process for creating this style of kit and sharing our experiences for others. We will also be releasing more details on the controller and its capabilities now we are in production of the release revision.

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