Category: Arduino

Kits released next week!

We are getting very excited as we near the launch of our first in-house product! It has been a very long road with a steep learning curve to develop this product. Thus far the two most challenging aspects of this product have been to design it as a through hole kit which has limited many…

Eagle pin direction

Found a very useful outline on the setting of pin directions for eagle library parts. By defualt pins have an i/o direction which is sufficient for most libraries however if you want to start building good quality libraries it is important to make sure you are selecting the appropriate pin direction.

Debouncing inputs and Rising Edge detection in Arduino

Micro Controlers are amazing devices however their resources must be used sparingly. Whilst it is ideal to debounce many inputs at the hardware level with a combination of capacitors and schmitt triggers sometimes it is not practical so debouncing is performed by the Microcontroller and it’s internal timers. To debounce an input you need to…